Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas

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An exciting Petit Corona cigar, loaded with character. This is a medium-full bodied cuban stogie, rich in wood and coffee flavours. It Smokes evenly and can be considered as a companion cigar for the more experienced aficionado. Attractive perfumes in a thick, aromatic smoke. Resounding notes of herbs, dried fruits, and assorted nuts. The company of tastes chosen by the blend master labour well on the palate. These cuban stogies behave smoothly and have great balance which makes them age with perfect grace. Take these to a smoking club or smoke them on a walk in the countryside, the pleasure of the ingredients is enough to get lost in for the rest of the afternoon.


Ring gauge: 42 Length: 11.00cm/4.3¨ Strength: Medium to Full Taste: Woody Box: 25 cigars

Weight 1.00 lbs


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