Cohiba Double Corona LE 2003
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Cohiba Double Corona LE 2003

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Box: 25 cigars. 7 5/8” length, 49 ring gauge. Vintage: 2003... When something is limited it implies that it is unique, finite, exhaustible, exclusive and, just maybe, of superior quality. Saffron, Balsamic, Caviar, Diamonds, Cashmere and Gold are all unique, each of them associated with pure quality and perfection! The Double Coronas Edicion Limitada 2003 from Cohiba is worth its weight in Gold, Caviar or Saffron. This cuban jewel purrs when you pick it up and its pre-light aroma of clay and sweet, fermented tobacco act as prologue for the masterpiece to come. This cigar is hand made, like an Aston Martin, and is as reliable as a tank! Perfect ventilation is made possible in the stick by an awareness of spacial symmetry that would have impressed Gaudi himself. The smoke is thick, light to heavy, sweet to bitter and back again, ever titillating the palate, ever closer to perfection. The best part of the EL 2003 is that part when the honey aroma mixes with the black pepper and there is a synergy and a mutation as a new aroma is created. This cigar is superior quality and needs to be tasted by seasoned smokers with finely tuned taste buds.