Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2 Cabinet 50
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Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2 Cabinet 50

Model Robusto
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The Seleccion No.2 manages to mix ease in the smoke with subtlety of flavours and its a winning combination because like its family members the No.2 is truly attractive to all levels of smokers. Wood and flower aromas make the No.2's smoke fluffy and mellow a combination that is easy to deal with for a young palate. The more rugged smoker will be interested in the No.2 because they really are chilled out and this cuban cigar can be smoked in the afternoon with buddies over a beer, or with a coffee after lunch and they will not pave the palate with their qualities.


Ring gauge: 50 Length: 12.40cm/4.8¨ Strength: Medium Taste: Vegetal Box: 50 cigars