Romeo y Julieta Cazadores
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Romeo y Julieta Cazadores

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Cazadores means Hunters in Spanish and this cigar is certainly to be hunted down for your pleasure! Smoking one of these is like taking a ride through time and discovering the history of Cuban cigars. This havana cigar builds up in power through a distinct three phase approach. Rich honey and spice aromas mount in intensity to give one of the rarest finales of all Cuban cigars. A strong cigar and perfectly suited for the great outdoors, Cazadores were traditionally aimed at smokers who like bitter flavours. The bitter flavour is the traditional flavour that Havanophiles seek. The more bitter the better and more authentic. Power and bitterness are equated to tradition in cigar smoking. The indigenous local population of Cuba where called Taino and it was them who created the first Cigars which where hand rolled, slightly different from today, and they where very strong and very bitter. Cazadores has a little more refinement than those ancient and traditional cigars but it is inspired by the Taino cigars. These are made for seasoned cigar smokers so be wary!


Ring gauge: 44 Length: 16.20 cm/6.3¨ Strength: Medium to Full Taste: Animal Box: 25 cigars